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Hydrate Up - $110

Instant hydration, fast hangover relief & increased feeling of well-being. No added vitamins/minerals, just 1 full liter of fluid

Hangover Remedy - $160

Highly recommended for those pesky hangovers! Contains Vit C, powerful antioxidant, our Minerals Blend & Zofran which helps replenish lost nutrients and helps with nausea & vomiting. Getting these medications/vitamins plus a liter of fluid help aid in a fast recover.

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BeYOUty Infusion - $165

This infusion screams nourishment. Biotin improves texture, shine & fortifies your skin so wrinkles decrease. The minerals in this infusion are essential nutrients to our hormone pathways associated with aging. Vit C is a powerful antioxidant. All these vitamins/minerals help prevent premature skin aging.

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Myers Cocktail - $200

Our all-in-one contains Magnesium Chloride which helps with relaxation, blood pressure & stress. Calcium Gluconate aids in the uptake & binding of amino acids & helps with absorption of B vitamins. B vitamins 1-6 help reduce fatigue & increase energy levels. Vit C boost your immune system to help your body heal.

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Immune Support - $165

1 Liter of fluid full of Vit C, Zinc & B6. Zinc blocks viral replication & is crucial for normal development & function of cells. B6 is key in producing white blood cells and T cells that help regulate our immune response.

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Migraine/Headache Relief - $165

This infusion is one of the fastest ways to help your headache disappear. B6 helps our bodies produce certain amino acids which help reduce nausea. Zofran works wonders for nausea/vomiting. Toradol is an anti-inflammatory drug that helps treat moderately severe pain & inflammation.

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Athlete Recovery - $160

This infusion will help build muscle mass more effectively, help with reducing fatigue & therefore improve muscular endurance. It contains Amino Blend and B12. Highly recommended adding Magnesium Chloride to help with muscle relaxation.

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Energize - $160

This infusion will help reduce inflammation & fight fatigue all at once. Vit c, our Mineral Blend & B vit 1-6 help in production on serotonin, a “feel good” neurotransmitter which will improve your moods & help control appetite. These are all necessary for energy production.

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Prenatal Bag - $150

This vitamin combination of B12 & B6 helps boost energy, manage symptoms of nausea & hydrate you all at once. Staying hydrated while pregnant is very important.

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Vitamin C Plus - $250

This infusion contains 3x the amount of vitamin C than any of our other bags. Stay on top of your health and help kick-start your immune system when you start to feel bad.

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Glutathione Infusion - $165

Glutathione and its related enzymes are our most prolific antioxidants, they also re-active other antioxidants. Glutathione supports the healthy growth and repair of every cell.

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Vitamin D3 Injection - $30

Vitamin D has several important functions. Perhaps the most vital are regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and facilitating normal immune system function.

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Allergy Injection - $50

Don't let allergies get the best of you. This quick injection is packed full of a steroid, antihistamines, and antioxidants. It will have you feeling better within 24 hours.

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